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patinated bronze - 2022

cm H 31,5 x 21,5 x 12,5

The title of the work is repeated over and over again along the entire surface: it is in fact a synthesis of the meaning of life, which according to Rabarama is Love. We are complex beings, composed of a myriad of cells (the material part) and emotions (the spiritual part), in constant tension towards a personal goal. Existence seems unmotivated, yet our presence on Earth at this exact moment has something extraordinary; the ultimate goal of all this must be something equally important, capable of uplifting us inwardly. The Artist identifies it in Love. Furthermore, the representation of the word in divided letters has a precise meaning. In her artistic career, Rabarama studies language as a method of communication, however analyzing every single letter as a stand-alone, going beyond the single meaning of the words. She then comes to analyze the metalanguage, or the exploitation of symbols for an unfiltered transmission of information. Love sends us a direct, visible message, written directly on the skin.


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