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Bronzo dipinto a mano - 2021

cm H 35 x 27 x 27


The title derives from Japanese and is a word that cannot be translated literally, but which describes a sort of nostalgia that is perceived in the air and that can hardly be expressed in words, linked to all those things (like a perfume, a music , a place ...) that bring our mind back to past memories and emotions. In making this connection with our mind, all the emotions we experience are then transmitted to the heart. And it is precisely the shape of a heart that assumes the figure through the position, gathering itself in itself. The symbols engraved on the skin enrich the meaning: the first is the dream catcher, deriving from the Native American culture. It represents the symbol of their rich cultural heritage and at the same time keeps away negative and evil energies. It protects the person wearing them from nightmares and bad dreams, while helping pleasant and joyful dreams to enter his mind. According to the people of Anishinabe, Spider Woman always traveled, to visit the cribs of babies. She had the power to weave a magical web over their cribs, which was supposed to protect babies from bad dreams and allow the beautiful ones to sleep. Legend has it that, as the tribe expanded and people emigrated, Spider Woman found it difficult to reach all the babies in time.

For this reason, the women of the tribe began to create their own dream catchers to protect children. A dream catcher is a wooden circle that contains a reticulated pattern with a hole in the center and feathers hanging from the strap. Good dreams travel through the hole in the sleeper's mind, while the bad ones, as well as nightmares, are permanently trapped in the web. Feathers are usually attached to the dream catcher to entertain children, but they have a deeper meaning. A feather stands for breath and air, which are essential for life. Hanging from the wooden hook of the dream catcher, a feather also helps good dreams to slip into the sleeping child's mind. It is believed that every movement of the feathers heralds the arrival and passage of a new beautiful and peaceful dream. Different feathers can be used to adorn the dream catcher. However, there are different meanings for each feather, for example, the owl feather is the feather that leads to wisdom, while that of the eagle is the feather that represents courage, and they are connected respectively to women and men. Another symbol that we find on the upper back between her shoulders is the Polynesian Eagle tattoo: being the queen of the sky, she has always fascinated all the peoples of the Earth. It is a powerful solar symbol of strength, courage, spirit, majesty and invincibility. Its flight characteristics and the heights it reaches have made it a kind of intermediary between the human world and the gods, the connection between the material and spiritual world, sometimes the "personification" of the gods themselves. This animal, also called "bird of fire" draws its strength and invincibility directly from the rays of the sun which it absorbs and of which it assimilates the great power. Feeding on snakes, it also represents the victory of good over evil. This is because the eagle symbolizes the supreme forces, the divine and the light, while the snake has always been a symbol of evil and dark forces. On the sum of the head, the Sun Tsiya is engraved: the Tsiya tribe of the Indians of New Mexico considered the sun a divine symbol. In their tradition the sun was drawn with the rays pointing in 4 directions, because 4 was a sacred number. An image therefore that symbolized orientation in space (the cardinal points) and in time (the cycle of the seasons, the ages of life, the 4 phases of the day). Last but not least, the texture that almost entirely covers the surface is taken from symbols linked to Native Americans, as a representation of the micro and macro cosmos (the small triangles that together form a larger composition), to remind us that we are part of the universe as pulsating cells of the same. Arrows are also connected to these: a symbol of movement and vital force, and depending on how they are depicted it can have different meanings. The broken or down arrow means peace, the up arrow means defense, the horizontal arrow means protection. With this work, the artist wants to awaken ancient memories in each of us and remind us that only by reaching the connection with what surrounds us will we reach awareness, collect our archaic legacies and transform our dreams into reality.

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