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handpainted bronze - 2021

cm H 48 x 37,5 x 27


The ancient Indian legend of the eagle was the main inspiration for the creation of this work: the eagle lives up to 70 years, but for this to happen, around 40 years of age, it must make a difficult decision. At this age, her claws are long and flexible, and they can no longer grasp the prey it feeds on. Her beak, elongated and pointed, curves. The wings, aged and weighed down by very swollen feathers, point against the chest. Flying is now difficult. The eagle has only two alternatives: to let itself die or to face a painful process of renewal, lasting 150 days. If he decides for the second option, the eagle then flies to the top of a mountain and retreats to an inaccessible nest, leaning against a rocky wall, a place from which it can return with a flat and safe flight. Here the eagle begins to bang its beak on the wall until it comes off, bravely facing the pain of this operation. After a few weeks, she regrows a new beak. With this, one by one, heedless of the pain, she tears off her old claws. When the new claws grow back, with these and with the beak, she plucks all the feathers from her body, one by one. When the new feathers are reborn, the new eagle safely launches into the flight of renewal and begins to live again for another 30 years. The eagle's process of change and renewal is very similar to what can happen to each of us.

There come moments in life when it is necessary to change, to be reborn. Without fear, challenges must be undertaken even if it involves a moment of transition that is never without pain. But without this change we cannot become what we want to be. The title of the work is linked to the pose of the arms, deriving from Yoga, and is called precisely Garudasana: it is the position of the Eagle, of the king of birds, a winged mount, and represents the fire that consumes the rays of the Sun. A this position connects the Sowild Rune, S-shaped and engraved on the surface. Associated with the Sun, an inexhaustible source of light and energy, it announces that you are going through an excellent moment in your life and that you have the strength to carry out all your projects, whatever they are. You can take advantage of great mental clarity and this allows you to channel your efforts well, as long as you allow yourself to be guided by prudence, a gift that must never be lacking. The most important advice of this magical rune, however, is that we must become aware of ourselves, discover the source of our inner energy, the one that always, until the end of our days, will be there to illuminate the path in the dark areas of irrationals. fears, helping to overcome them. This is an ideal time to find solutions and make decisions that have been postponed until now. Its crystal is Ruby, and its colors are White and Silver; Sowild is also closely linked to the zodiac sign of Leo (which coincides with that of the Artist). Another yoga position that we find is the one assumed by the legs, called Gomukhasana: cow's face. In Indian culture, many animals are considered sacred, in particular cattle and especially the cow which refers to fertility and abundance, and symbolizes the generosity of the earth. Gomukhasana corresponds to the Rune Fehu: if in the divination phase this rune comes out straight and if, in the light of contingent factors, it can have a positive connotation, it means that money or possessions are looming on the horizon. It could be professional and financial or sentimental successes, or even spiritual achievements of fulfilled ambitions. It also speaks of generosity and is related to the desire to share one's possessions with others, it represents the spirit of sacrifice, solidarity, altruism and inner peace. Ultimately you will see your wishes fulfilled, but he recommends learning to share your fortune in order to preserve your spiritual well-being as well. All these are ideas for the user, so that he can courageously undertake a reflection linked to change.

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