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handpainted bronze - 2022

cm. H 35 x 28 x 27


From Japanese, the title of this work is a term that does not have a literal translation in our language. It refers to all the voluntary and spontaneous actions that give meaning to people's lives and define our existence. The artist’s research has always investigated this meaningful question: why are we in the world? Ikigai wants to be an invitation to reflection but also a moment of spiritual growth. According to Rabarama, one of the greatest challenges is to learn to accept and love ourselves, respecting every peculiarity that makes us unique and precious. The most difficult phase is perhaps to protect those fragilities that we are afraid to show but that are a fundamental part of ourselves. The figure embraces softly in the sense of protection and at the same time of encouragement and seems to split into a duality: we are body and spirit, matter and soul. Words can become an obstacle in our personal process of growth, proving to be a filter too strict: Rabarama adstrates every letter, as a form of simple structure, to make everyone find their own way of expression. The message painted on the sculpture is a rebus: it is up to each of us to find our own interpretation.

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