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This sculpture is inspired by the alchemical figure of the dragonfly, a very special and elegant insect around which cultures all over the world have theorized many symbologies and legends over the centuries. Two different currents of thought still fail to reconcile scholars about the origin of its name. According to some, it comes from the Latin word libra, libra, due to the horizontal position of its wings in flight; for others, it comes, instead, from the Latin root liber, free, from which the diminutive libellum. The dragonfly has always been considered a magical being thanks to its changing colors, its slender shape, and the speed with which it is able to fly and escape from its predators, deceiving them. The more interesting peculiarity is that it spends the first six years of its life on the bottom of aquatic or swampy environments in the form of a larva to finally transform itself into the majestic creature we know. For all this reason, the deepest meaning that can be associated with it is precisely that of change: an introspective and personal effort that allows a person to leave a state of stasis and darkness to open to total renewal, through the search for own identity and personality. Through Libellum, the artist discloses herself and her intimate evolution, inviting everyone else to accept every possible change that life proposes to us. The delicate embrace in which this creature is wrapped is meant to be a moment of recollection and encouragement before taking off metaphorically.

handpainted bronze - 2022

cm H 61,5 x 16,5 x 30,5

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