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handpainted bronze - 2021

cm H 49 x 42 x 21,5


The title of this work comes from Japanese and is a word that does not have a literal translation, but refers to "the energy and desire to do mixed with the fear of making mistakes and the impatient curiosity to understand" typical of when we start to learn something new. The artist was inspired by her personal experience and by a melody in particular, the song "You were a child" by Giovanni Allevi. Retracing her memories, Rabarama deals with a personal and universal theme: as children we develop our personal maps, the cognitive and the emotional ones, which in the future will help us understand the world around us. However, it happens that negative moments affect these structures, which will leave open "wounds" in us, not allowing us to reach full awareness of our being, balance and serenity. In addition to these, the genetic map is part of us, represented in the work by the hexagons and lines that run through it, and which in its own way creates constructs and barriers to be overcome. The reflective pose refers to the moment in which, once we have found the courage, we face our traumas, in order to be free, serene and in balance, able to emanate our inner light and get in touch with the energy of the Universe. The position of the arms and legs, where they touch, have to do with very important energy meridians according to Shiatsu, which give balance to the body and spirit.

The Regular Meridians are 12, 6 Yin and 6 Yang. These 2 aspects of the vital energy or vital breath or Qi or Chi are inseparable from each other, it is a becoming of one another. They differ but complement and merge to transform themselves again. The Yang energy is external, the Sun, lighter but stronger, is the man, just as the Yin is the deep, hidden, inner one, the Moon, the woman. In addition to the Regular meridians there are other meridians. In the creature we find 1 which is called Extraordinary: Governing Vessel. If we start from the Head, the meeting between hand and forehead is between two points of 2 important Meridians: the Extraordinary Meridian Vessel Governor (on the central line and vertical to the forehead) or Du Mai, and the Triple Heater, which passes from the ring finger to the of the back. Its element of belonging is Fire, which does not flare up but which heats and controls the heat, regulates it. The points are: VG 24 Temple of Providence and TR 2 Porta dei Liquidi. The first controls that the energy circulating in the body (Qi) does not become in excess and the second controls the transport and penetration of the energy of Qi; Governor Vessel controls the Yang energy, the Triple is a Yang meridian. We could say that the creature is trying to take charge of its energy, of its "I", enjoying the energy flow. Going down we meet another important contact: Left elbow with left knee. It is always the Triple that this time touches the Stomach Meridian (whose element is Earth): Fire meets Earth. The Stomach is an important meridian like the organ on the other hand: it digests food and therefore the energy of nourishment, but it also digests emotions and transforms them into nourishment for the soul, when it is in balance. The points are: TR 10 Pozzo Celeste and ST 34 Splendida Collina. The Stomach supports us, warns us when we need to nourish the body. The meeting between these 2 Meridians shows us how to support and regulate the energy we have in our circulation and how to direct and assimilate it. If the Fire burns the Earth too much, it will no longer be fertile: life will not be able to blossom. The third block of the meeting between Meridians is very interesting: Right hand with right hip. On the palm of the hand pass 3 very important Yin Meridians: Lung, Master of the Heart, Heart. When we shake a person's hand we embrace his breath (lung), his ability to accept emotions (Master of the heart) and his ability to interpret these emotions (Heart). In the case of the creature, in fact, the Thumb (Lung 1 Central Residence), the Middle (Master OF the heart 9 Central Assault) and the Little finger (Heart 9 Small Impetus) rests. Let us remember that when we were children we made peace or swore fidelity with the little finger tight to the little finger of the other person, as if to say "I gave you my heart back". The Lung is a Metal element (rule and purity, honesty); the Heart and the Master of the Heart are the Fire element. The first is Imperial Fire (in Chinese medicine the Heart is the emperor who can and commands everything) and the second is the companion of Triple (the Regular meridians are 12 and are always Yin or Yang, energy quality, and go in pairs. ). In this creature the case does not exist: its Fire is a protagonist. The hand rests on the hip where it passes Biliary Vesicle 30 (Hopping Pin), which is a Yang Meridian (its element is Wood). Being associated with the season of Spring, and therefore the beginning, he is responsible for all that is affection and inner morality. It manages the distribution of transformed energy (which comes from the Stomach and Spleen) and with the Liver (its companion Yin) they plan how and where to distribute and which waste to eliminate (intestines and bladder and kidneys). This contact between Fire, Wood and Metal seems to say listen to your breath, love yourself, regulate yourself, elaborate and spread ... Without losing yourself. Returning to the engravings, the hexagons are a representation of the cells and DNA that compose us, making us unique and unrepeatable. On the base, the hexagons are fragmented, indicating the beginning of the formation of one's ego (with growth, experiences and emotions), which will take shape on the head, a place of concentration of one's being and consciousness. The empty hexagons indicate a sort of map of light, which will lead to the union of one's energy with the Universe. The message that the Artist intends to send with Shoshin refers to facing an inner search, which goes to dig into the darkness of our being to resolve previous traumas, in order to be reborn with a new awareness that allows our inner energy to shine. outside and get in touch with the Universe. In this way, we will be able to achieve balance, serenity, forgiveness and to love ourselves as we are.

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