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In her artistic career, Rabarama studies language as a method of communication, however analyzing every single letter as a stand-alone, going beyond the single meaning of the words. He then comes to analyze the metalanguage, or the exploitation of symbols for an unfiltered transmission of information. The work sends us a direct, visible message, shown directly on the skin. It is up to each of us to find the key and decipher our very personal food for thought. The title and the position also want to be ideas for meditation: in search of a way out of predestination, man tries to broaden his awareness, both by learning new notions (and hence the connection with communication and transmission of messages), and observing the external world with an objective, distant eye and from a new perspective, letting oneself be carried away and tending towards it, as the figure seems to be doing. In this way we will grasp new aspects and new information useful for reaching a higher level of awareness, which finally allows us to get in touch with the Universe

Sculpture made of aluminum
Size cm H 118 x 170 105

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