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The title is closely connected with the pose of the work: the figure opens and extends into space, trying to communicate through actions. The whole work focuses on sending messages, free from what are usually language barriers. Through gestures, in fact, it is possible to communicate with the world around us, eventually overcoming the body limit so that it is our energy to transfer information and knowledge. The painting is also very significant, as well as being among the most iconic used by the artist: they are blocks on which letters are reported, which can be connected to form words. In his artistic career, Rabarama studies language as a method of communication, however analyzing every single letter as a stand-alone, going beyond the single meaning of the words. We then come to analyze the metalanguage, or the exploitation of symbols for an unfiltered transmission of information. The work sends us a direct, visible message, shown directly on the skin. It is up to each of us to find the key and decipher our very personal food for thought.

Sculpture made of bronze
Dimensions cm H 73 x 213 x 96

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