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PHILART stems from a deep passion for Art, understood not only as the "beautiful" that nourishes the soul but also and above all as an agent of cultural growth and social inclusion. This conviction especially leads PHILART to promote arts in educational paths within schools and implement projects aimed at the social in which these forms of expression become an instrument for the inclusion of children with cognitive and relational patterns.

Art indeed goes beyond mental conception. For this reason, all the people who have a unique way to experiment with the world can just transform it into a personal tool to communicate, relate to others, and finally feel included in the truest sense of this term.


In the near future, PHILART intends to create artistic collaborations with Associations of the Third Sector, in Italy and abroad, dealing with people with disabilities: Art as a tool for growth and social inclusion.


Our mission is to promote Art as an instrument of cultural growth, aiming at the future. And the new generations are the future. For this reason, PHILART promotes artistic paths for schools in order to make children aware of such themes and reflections that only Art is capable of generating.

Approaching Art imposes a unique mental process. When we look at a work of art we inevitably look at ourselves because it communicates emotions and messages that we can only read according to our sensitivity, education, and life experience. Through its forms and colors, art challenges us to find answers to any major questions and this process brings us closer to our inner selves. This part can often remain hidden but actually, it's the only one that can generate awareness and therefore change.


The new generations represent our future and PHILART’s mission is ambitious: in fact, we want to contribute to a better future.

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