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Im-plosione is a work that tells of an evolution: in our life, we often face situations in which the reaction we implement, the action we carry out, causes inevitable consequences. However, to avoid negative outcomes, we can allow our "DNA", our essence, to change. An implosion is in fact a total inner upheaval, and we can only implement it within ourselves through profound reflection. The whole figure is covered by a hexagonal pattern, a graphic representation of the cells and DNA that make up every living being and guardians of atavistic knowledge; the chains that frame each geometric shape intend to reinforce the concept of an infinitesimal particle capable, however, of giving life to a complex and very rich Whole, which is also able to disintegrate and move, generating new thoughts and awareness (unlike the classic hexagons used by the artist, where the delimitation lines are drawn straight, as if to define an immutable boundary).

Sculpture made of aluminum 

Dimensions cm H 85 x 137 x 102

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